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Take a break from the fandoms and take a moment to read this:

Farah Baker, a 16 year old teen living in the Gaza Strip, has been tweeting and posting on social media sites of the various indiscriminant bombings being committed by Israeli forces, most recently very violent shelling near Al-Shifa hospital by her.

In her countless tweets and numerous posts on both Twitter and Instagram, she documents live strikes using photos and videos to show her followers the severity of the situation her and thousands like her are going through every day. @farah_gazan has gone viral, spiking from 21k to 76k followers on twitter in a span of 24 hours and climbing to 300+ in a matter of hours on Instagram.

Personally, I felt like I was reading something off the diary of Anne Frank. And who knows? Our children might be reading this and asking us why we didn’t stop her from dying just like we did to our grandparents.

The tweets are heartbreaking and the videos are breathtaking. She needs your support. Let her know you stand by her. Follow her on twitter and Instagram and maybe somehow you can change history.

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I really want to know what Chris is trying to convince them of in that last GIF. 

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Photos that make your stomach sink


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Sebastian’s best day at work ~ Entertainment Weekly
Sebastian’s best day at work ~ Entertainment Weekly

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Sheldon gets us…


Entertainment Weekly - 8 August 2014 Scan [x]

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I like you … I also like you … I want you to be happy … together.